Rhythm, Accompaniment, and Experimentation: An Exploration of Percussion in the Irish Tradition. 
The Bad Neighbors Rhythm Project brings the rhythm aspect of traditional music to the fore, exploring the interplay between dance, percussion, and melody. In this hour-long presentation and discussion, dancer Danielle Enblom and bódhran player Anna Colliton discuss the rhythmic foundations of traditional music, inviting the audience to view rhythm, accompaniment, musicality, and dance through a fresh lens. They discuss the interplay between tradition and innovation, explore their creative process, and share some of their recent work.
Bodhrán Workshops with Anna Colliton
This workshop covers several “no fail” approaches to jigs, reels, and other popular types of tunes according to the wishes of the class. As we go, students will gain a deeper understanding of how to use tonal variation, alternate sticking patterns, fills, syncopated rhythms, and ornaments (including single-ended ornamentation) to enhance their playing, with the goal of helping students to become versatile, creative, and sensitive musicians who are able to accompany tastefully in whatever style they choose. Also, students will learn how to break out of ruts and patterns that get ingrained in all of us. Students are strongly encouraged to bring questions, ideas, and topics of discussion to class. Anna is also available to teach a crash course on single-ended ornamentation for the bodhrán, for more advanced players. In this class, we cover the rock-bottom basics of single-ended triplets and rolls, and we'll learn one each for a reels, jigs, hornpipes, and polkas! Just make sure you've had your coffee first.
Dance Workshops for dancers and musicians with Danielle Enblom
Danielle calls ceilís and offers a variety of workshops for adults and chidren. From festival audiences to academic conferences, Danielle engages lovers of dance, history, and traditional music with her interactive presentations on the history of dance in Ireland, and ‘A Jig is a Jig is a Gigue: Irish Dance and its Cousins from Around the World’. Danielle teaches a variety of beginner to advanced level sean-nós and style Irish step dance workshops that include steps from the Slabh Luachra dance masters, Donegal two-hands, Clare battering, the Connemara step, and an intro to regional styles of dance in Ireland. In addition to dance focused workshops, Danielle, who is also a fiddler and holds a Diploma in Irish Music from University College Cork, works with Irish musicians interested in playing for dancing, and deepening their understanding of dance rhythms in Irish music.

Anna and Danielle are also available for individual instruction, either in person or via Zoom.
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